#Unplug with UCLA


By: Brooklyn Michalowicz

As our community time traveled back into the 1920s for Shabbat Unplugged at UCLA, we celebrated with great friends, endless conversation, and delicious Martinellis. The night began with “bouncers” at the door handing out invitations (AKA the Reboot flyers mentioning “Ways to Unplug”) that would allow each of our guests into dinner. Services were swinging as our rabbinical intern and student leader jammed out on guitar, singing a mixture of Hebrew prayers and Matisyahu hits. The evening continued in the lounge as students played cards (supplied by Reboot) and complimented one another on their “throwback” outfits. Women came wearing a variety of flapper-esque apparel ranging from headbands with feathers to fringes and tassels.

Dinner began at 7pm with student leaders (including myself!) leading blessings and hosting tables. Soup was brought to each table, followed by a delicious dinner in a phone-free environment! The conversations and laughter lasted for hours as our Jewish Bruin community grew in countless ways. As someone who put lots of time and effort into this event and had immense support from each member of her community, I am so proud of the meaningful Jewish experience we were able to provide with the help of Shabbat Unplugged.

Shane Hankins