2015 National Day of Unplugging in the News


The National Day of Unplugging took place on March 6-7. Hundreds of online and broadcast publication shared unplug news. And here are some highlights:

  • The New York Times gave a nice mention to the National Day of Unplugging in its daily briefing.

  • Frances Booth, author of The Distraction Trap  writes on Forbes.com about our I UNPLUG TO____ campaign. Share why you unplug at nationaldayofunplugging.com

  • Good Morning America has 7 tips for unplugged fun including writing notes to friends instead of posting on a Facebook wall and playing a party game.

  • Read this ELLE Magazine article with 7 commandments for disconnecting from 7 women ranging from Ariana Huffingto to SoulCycle co-founder Elizabeth Cutler.

  • Check out Mashable’s tips on unplugging from ensuring zzzzz’s to  apps that help you calculate usage.

  • Popsugar recommended the UNICEF Tap Project App, where time spent off your phone translates to clean water for developing countries.

  • The Huffington Post suggested exploring your own city, painting, and (gasp) grocery shopping to unplug.

  • WPIX in New York, visited SPiN, where folks unplugged to play ping-pong and raise money for a good cause.

  • The Chicago Tribune shared an aw shucks father-son video that shows how social media can ruin those aw shucks moments.

  • ”Pretend it’s a blackout,” and other tips for unplugging this week. (Richmond  Times- Dispatch)
  • Real time vs. #realtime: creating family culture around technology and screens.    (Chicago Tribune)
  • Unplug to read with a pile of books. (PJ Library)
  • Reboot’s own Tanya Scheivitz talks about the National Day of Unplugging. (Digital Mindfulness Podcast)
  • “Let me be present right where I am,” a mother’s thoughts on unplugging this Friday. 
  • Unplug to let go of FOMO and get grounded in the here and now. (Press Herald)
Shane Hankins