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National Day of Unplugging for Kids


Inspire and Unplug

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Cell Phone Sleeping Bags



Kids love sleeping bags. Kids love phones. You’ll be surprised how much they love these cell phone sleeping bags. You name the group number and we’ll send you the bags - for free.

You can also have your kids make their own bags! It’s a great craft activity involving creativity, community and quality unplugging time. Sign up for the DIY kit below to learn more.


"We" and "I" Unplug To Posters


These posters are a great icebreaker and prop to activate your space and create discussion and interaction. Kids love sharing the reasons they unplug.

Available in nine languages.





Kids DIY Resource Toolkit


Play board games, do a scavenger hunt, cook together - our Kids DIY Toolkit has examples of all sorts of activities you can do in your homes, schools and classrooms.

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